About Us

Welcome to Pineh Bali Tour operated by private person, who works showing tourists in Bali for last 15 years.

Before only operated doing small trips and picking up tourists from other areas to visit & climb Mt. Batur Bali. Now days tourists have asked for Pineh to extend his operations to do tours all over Bali.
Our Clients come and use Pineh Bali Tours from all over the world because other people let know how good and caring he is with clients.

  1. Kennedy Symons from Port Macquarie – Australia has used my tours over last 13 years.
  2. John Salter and his wife Karen they used my tours over last 6 years.
  3. Christine Cheong from Malaysia she been to Bali and used Pineh Bali Tours for last 3 years.

As has many other people and he is recommended by many travel writers who visit Bali from USA, Europe, Asia and Australia.

We know booking with us the tour will be rewarding and remembered, also if you would like to do anything different please get in contact with me.